Oh My Girl is getting ready to make their comeback, and people are dying with questions about the group and JinE's health issue.

WM Entertainment finally announced the comeback plans of B1A4's sister group, Oh My Girl. The label stated, "Although they are preparing for their comeback, their comeback time period hasn't been decided yet." They continued, "We're aiming for sometime in the Spring."

Oh My Girl fans were ecstatic to hear the news of their idols' return, but they had one extra question burning at the back of their mind. JinE took a hiatus just a while ago for her anorexia. When asked about whether JinE was feeling better enough to join the girls for the comeback, the label explained, "We are still in discussions with JinE and her parents."

Oh My Girl's last comeback was their title track 'A-ing' back in August of 2016. The girls have been actively promoting on variety shows ever since.


Oh My Girl Opens Up About Comeback Plans and JinE's Anorexia

WM Entertainment

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