Music broadcasts these days, whether it's from Mnet, MBC, SBS or KBS, there are just too much to see and nothing to miss.

The summer has started with a blast and although summer is beginning to fade, there is no time to rest for K-Pop lovers. From the start of the summer up until the late summer, there has been so many idols and performances that dragged us in front of the TV or computer. These days, it's gotten even harsher. Every time, someone makes a new legendary moment and knowing that fact, it leaves us no choice but to watch!  

After finding some legendary moments created this late summer, fans found quite a funny fact. All the members or idols who were making the legendary moments were all from JYP. When I say "from", there are those who are still and there are those who have moved to another entertainment. 

Now, shall we scan through the legendary moments that once JYP trainees have made?

1st - SunMi


2nd - Hui of PENTAGON


3rd - Lee DaiHwi of Wanna One


4th - Kim DongHyun of MXM


5th - Park WooJin of Wanna One


6th - Lee KiKwang of HIGHTLIGHT


7th - HyunA


8th - YoungJae of B.A.P

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