EXO members have had their fair share of bad airport incidents involving crazed sasaeng fans in the past, but the most recent one definitely may top the list.

Group members SeHun and ChanYeol recently arrived in Vietnam, as swarms of fans were waiting to see them at the airport.

While they could have avoided the fans by exiting through the exit reserved for VIP’s, they decided to go out the normal route as they seemed to have wanted to greet the crowd of Vietnamese EXO-L’s.


However, while they did this out of love for their fans, it might not have been the best decision.

You can almost just feel the frustration and the frenzy even by looking at the photos shown below.

One Of The Worst EXO Airport Incidents In History?


But things took a turn for worse when an immigration officer allegedly uploaded ChanYeol’s passport online for the whole world to see.

Fans have been in outrage over the recent incident.


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