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If you are a K-Pop fan, you might want to have all the albums including all the versions of your favorite group! Many fans wish they can have all of them and have them prettily display in their house.

Recently, on an online community, one Wanna One's fan uploaded a picture of her or his album collection. It looks amazing!

Not only does he or she have all the albums, the fan also has all the versions in a perfect arrangement.

One Wanna One Fan Wows Netizens By Showing Off Collection Of Albums

Online community

On the back, Wanna One's Kim JaeHwan pictures can be seen too. Also, it seems that “1¹¹=1(POWER OF DESTINY)” Adventure Version with Ong SeongWoo sleeve is missing. This would explain the album without sleeve on the down part of the shelf (on the right). The album was released only on November 19th so maybe the fan did not have enough time or the sleeve cannot be seen in the picture. Even without it, the collection is amazing.

Netizens that have seen the picture were amazed by such a collection that shows her passion for the group. Some commented, "I am so envious", "Wow amazing", "Wow incredible it is all full set", etc. Many Wannable were envious in front of this perfect collection.

Are you amazed too?


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Nov 21, 2018 03:58 pm