Onew, the leader SHINee was arrested for sexual harassment. Currently, the law suit has been dropped, however, he is still attending the case's investigation. 

Onew of SHINee Gets Arrested for Sexual Harassment


He was arrested to the police station on the night of August 13th, because he touched another woman of 20s inappropriately in a club. The person who came with the woman who pressed charge made the first call to the police reportedly. The woman who pressed charges reported that he has touched her twice or three times inappropriately.

According to the police reports, the woman who pressed charges said that he has touched her twice or three times inappropriately. Onew, however, did not refute the woman in any other way but to say that he does not remember because he was drunk. 

SM Entertainment apologized for the incident, "We are so sorry to have caused you trouble. However, this was just a little happening and misunderstanding." SM has explained the situations of Onew that he was visiting the club because his friend debuted as a DJ and he got a little carried away and got drunk. There were some unintended physical contacts, however, it was surely by mistake, reportedly.  

The woman who pressed charges against him has dropped the charges after talking it out. However, sexual harassment isn't an offense subject to complaints, so there will be further investigations about it. 

Fans are confused and angry about what Onew has done, although the entertainment said that is was just a misunderstanding. There isn't anything official said about his further schedules or the case.  

Onew is currently shooting a new drama and the critics assume that his case is going to bring some negative influence on the drama. 

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