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Holland 'Neverland' MV

Rookie K-Pop idol Holland recently debuted with his digital single’ Neverland’. He has been the center of attention for being the first openly gay idol in K-Pop history.

The music video for ‘Neverland’ basically depicts Holland with a lover vacationing away in a place filled with beautiful sceneries.

Netizens are currently expressing criticism towards broadcasting stations for labeling the single as explicit content. The single has been labeled as explicit content for the scene where Holland and his lover are shown kissing.


Netizens have been pointing out that Suzy‘s recent music video for In Love With Someone Else‘ which has a kissing scene was labeled PG-13 while Holland’s music video was labeled R.

Openly Gay K-Pop Idol Holland’s ‘Neverland’ Rating Causes Heated Stir Online



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This is so stupid. If an idol has opposite sex kissing in the mv and everyone if fine. But oh same sex kiss oh no so wrong. It should be banned for kids nope has to be R. Well those people who be judging the LGBT+ community can suck on my nonexistent d*ck and while at is choke on are flag bishes ?️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍?


This is so stupid. These people are being prejudice. An idol has a kids with the opposite sex and it is fine nothing wrong, but all of a sudden it is a same sex kiss and no kissing kissing is wrong nope this should be rated R. It is so stupid. All these people judging the LGBT+ community. Well they can suck my non existent d*ck. And while at it they can choke on the flag too ?️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍??️‍?


Holland… Hopefully he will be the voice, he will be the one to shape Korea’s view on the LGBT+ community! It should not be a taboo. Love is love, and that’s all there is to it.


this is ridiculous the most opposite sex videos with kissing are rated is 15 also may I add the music videos of girl groups literally half naked and acting “slutty” yet we have a music video that has two boys just kissing fully clothed for about 10 seconds and its rated a 19 its ridiculous I love Holland and support him all the way