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OUI Entertainment trainees, Kang SeokHwa, Mahiro, and GUNO will be holding a fanmeeting together!

On Nov. 2, the 3 trainees will be holding their fanmeeting 'A PERFECT DAY' to finally catch up with their fans and update them about their current status. Especially since all 3 of them had previously appeared on V-Live "YG TREASURE BOX" as well as Mnet "Produce X 101", many are curious and could not wait to see what they will be showing during the fameeting.

OUI Entertainment Trainees Kang SeokHwa, Mahiro & Wang JyunHao To Hold Fanmeeting

OUI Entertainment

According to OUI Entertainment, fans could expect a wide variety of stages as each of them will be showing off their individual charms. Not only that, they will also be having a hi-touch session after the fanmeeting, allowing fans to head home with a unforgettable memory.

Besides the performance from the 3 trainees, it was also revealed that there will be guest performances too.

For those who are interested to get the tickets for the fanmeeting, you can purchase them on Oct. 25, 8 pm KST through Hana Ticket and Yes24 Ticket.

Do you also want to go to their fanmeeting?


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