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On July 5, 2021, KST, 4th generation's hottest K-Pop group P1Harmony officially released the first glimpse of their lightstick and fans already can't stop gushing over it. Sales have also been opened for the lightstick alongside a complete manual on the details and functionalities of the same.

The lightstick is iridescent even when it's turned off, which makes for a pretty decoration asset when it's not in use. Inside the characteristic dome, we have the P1Harmony logo, saying "P1H" in silver. Fans are already excited about getting their hands on the lightstick and even more to attend an actual P1Harmont concert so that they can use it to cheer their favourite idols on in real-time when the world is better.

You can buy the official P1Harmony lightstick from the FNC Store. It is currently priced at $33.97, with overseas delivery also available. P1ECE all over the world, what are you waiting for? Get your lightstick now!


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