Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Park BoGum

The actor Park BoGum has worked with so many beautiful actresses like Kim YooJung, HyeRi of Girl’s Day, Kim GoEun, Jang NaRa and many others. Due to his amazing angel like personality, he keeps his friendships with them pretty close after the drama or the movie is done filming.

However, despite the number of beautiful actresses he has worked with, he was never involved in serious scandal nor a rumor. People who know of him including celebrities and staffs, all say he is too kind, too pure and too bright to be involved in scandals. If he would fall in love and go out with someone, it will surely show in him and he wouldn’t lie to his fans.  

Fans and even the public are well aware of Park BoGum’s personality so they did not really have a suspicion in him not having any rumors despite his numerous friends. Actually, he was involved in one scandal with Jang NaRa but no one believed it was true and the rumor died fast.  

What fans and the public is really curious of is, what type of person would be be fond of? what kind of person does he think he fits well with? Well, here is the answer.

Park BoGum‘s Ideal Type Compilation

(last updated in 2016)

Park BoGum: “I like someone who I can be comfortable with like a friend and takes care of me well like a mom. I fall in love in first sight so I don’t really have a specific detail in looks. I express my feelings honestly when I am fancy someone and I learned how beautiful life can be when I love just one person in my life through the drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.”

Park BoGum did not mention anyone particular as his ideal type. 

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Park BoGum Cuts His Hair Like a Kid While His Body Grows Like a Man

Recent updates of Park BoGum in movie premier showed a bit of a contradictory.

Check out the photos first.

Park BoGum, Park BoGum Movie, Park BoGum Pictures, Park BoGum Update


Park BoGum, Park BoGum Movie, Park BoGum Pictures, Park BoGum Update


Park BoGum, Park BoGum Movie, Park BoGum Pictures, Park BoGum Update


Park BoGum, Park BoGum Movie, Park BoGum Pictures, Park BoGum Update


Park BoGum, Park BoGum Movie, Park BoGum Pictures, Park BoGum Update


Notice he cut his bangs short? He looks younger than before… He looks like a teen who is growing in to a stage of man!!

However, his body is giving a different message. Look how fit and masculine he got. He used to be such a baby… and I meant including his physical. He was sort of just fit or thin.

But now, look. Look at that wide shoulders!! His neck is even telling us that he exercised.

How do you find the new contradictory look of BoGum?

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List of Korean Celebs You Might Bump Into On Subway

Have you ever imagined of celebrities taking the subway? Here are several evidences of top stars using subway!

What comes to your mind when you think of top stars’ or celebrities’ transportation? You might imagine fancy bans or nice cars. However, even celebrities use public transportation when they go out for their personal business. The reason why they use them is that people can’t recognize celebrities while people focus too much on their cell phone! How unfortunate we are! Top stars are conveying their friendly charms by taking bus or train with ordinary people. They often get captured by people or even directly posted themselves in public transportation on their SNS. Check out who takes public transit with us!

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1. Park BoGum

When Park BoGum is out of his official schedules as an actor, he is just another university student who is the same with ordinary people. There are lots of sightings on him in subway. However, people noticed that he often use public transportation and it extremely become a hot topic of conversation. Park BoGum confessed that he felt sorry for citizens using subway so he decided not to use it anymore. Why does he need to be sorry? 

Park BoGum, subway celeb, 2017 Park Bogum,



2. Ryu JunYeol

Unfortunately, there’s no pictures capturing Ryu JunYeol on the subway. But his close celeb mates said on interviews, that he often use metro train when he isn’t busy. As his days as a struggling actor were pretty long, he is known to have had thrifty living so far. He is so attractive as a friendly images and he actually is!

Ryu JunYeol, 2017 Ryu JunYeol, korean actror,

Cjes ent



3. Jo Kwon & Ok TaekYeon

As known well, Jo Kwon of 2AM and Ok TaekYeon of 2PM are close friends. This picture is posted by Jo Kwon on his SNS, saying “We are on subway.”. How lucky people who were together with them are! 

Jo Kwon, Ok TaekYeon, 2am, 2pm, 2017 Jo Kwon, 2017 Ok TaekYeon

Jo Kwon’s SNS



4. V of BTS

Again, Park BoGum was captured with a handsome guy on the subway. Let’s see.. that’s V! V and Park BoGum are best friends each other. Even Just staring at them together make us happy. Two of them look perfect even though they didn’t have a makeup. Interesting fact about this picture is that they were heading to Lotte World which is an amusement park in Seoul. 

Park BoGum, V, bts, 2017 bts, 2017 v, bts v, v and park bogum

Nate Pann




L ‘s handsome face couldn’t be concealed by his cap. Look at him! It’s just a photo taken by his fan on subway, but he looks like a main character of drama or movie something. It would be exiting experience of meeting L on subway. 

L, infinite, infinite l, 2017 l, 2017 infinite