Park BoGum is coming back to the small screen with the upcoming drama "Record Of Youth".

It tells the growth record of youth who are working hard to achieve their dreams and love without losing hope. Park BoGum is acting as a model who wants to become an actor however he cannot show good presence on the screen. He is acting along with Park SoDam and Byeon WooSeok. The drama will air on tvN (available on Netflix) from September 7.

There is quite a lot of time since the start of the drama but tvN has been releasing teasers bringing the excitement of fans up.

Just a few hours ago, a new teaser of the drama was released. tvN also posted it on Twitter under which fans left a lot of comments. A lucky fan got the answer for the actor directly from his official Twitter (@BOGUMMY).

In teaser at 0:19, Park BoGum says: "Oppa will call you when it is raining. You're not by yourself". So the fan asked "Sa HyeJoon [Park BoGum's character name] Oppa, it is raining here. I am waiting for your call".

To which the actor answered, "The rain stopped".

Park BoGum Left Funny Yet Sweet Answer To Fans On Twitter


He also answered another comment saying: "There are Sa HyeJoon's goods (wicked)" by "There is nothing like this (stern)".

Park BoGum Left Funny Yet Sweet Answer To Fans On Twitter


It is very kind of Park BoGum to have answered some comments and he makes fans laugh with his firm yet sweet comments.

You can watch the new teaser below.

Are you also looking forward to the start of the drama?


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Ignacio Candelario
Ignacio Candelario
Aug 28, 2020 07:23 am

Will the Bogum’s Record of Youth be available in American Netflix?