Park BoGum Participates In Fire Fighter GO Challenge Campaign

One more moving story of Park Bogum here. He participated in a campaign for fire fighters.

Here’s why actor Park BoGum got flour on his head while smiling. He participated in Fire Fighter GO Challenge. Following after actress Kim HyeSoo, he revealed the reason why he takes part in that campaign before the start. In the video that his management company Blossom entertainment released on August 9th, you can find out why he took part in campaign. He said, “I hope that people, who always protect others’ lives in danger, work in better environments than now.”. 

In the end of the video, he directly got flour on his head. It was pretty a big amount enough to cover all his cheek, nose and hair. However, our Park BoGum didn’t lose his smile even until the end. Fans are encouraging his warm-hearted saying and keeping praising him of kind and considerate personality.  


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