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Park Bom has been making news headlines lately as her past amphetamine incident continues to raise suspicions of how she was able to walk freely without being charged.

The K-Pop idol and her home agency YG Entertainment has received a lot of criticism in the past as netizens suspected they were able to evade legal consequences through political influence.

She recently told her side of the story and stated "If I had actually done drugs, I wouldn't feel so bad about being criticized and bashed. But the fact is, I've never done drugs in my life."

The former 2NE1 member also added that after going through such difficult times, she felt she needed to perform more than ever as she revealed that she talked about it with YG Entertainment CEO Yang HyunSuk.

How netizens respond to Park Bom's recent response to the media is unclear at the moment since many seem to be divided on opinions.


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