"I didn't do  that. I didn't." Park Bom denied the drug rumor on her Instagram live.

Park Bom, who is the former member of 2NE1, communicated with fans on Instagram live on August 3rd. She talked, wearing sleeveless shirt and lying on the bed. Park Bom said, "I am considering if I can do reality program of mine for 24 hours, just like "2NE1 TV"." "2NE1 TV" was the reality program which was broadcasting in 2009 on Mnet, filming 2NE1 members' daily lives. The reality program Park Bom mentioned seems to mean her intention to reveal her daily life through SNS live channel. Also she confessed she really wants to comeback and drop a new song. 

She revealed the reason why she started Instagram live, "to clear up misunderstanding so far" and "Because articles related to myself are totally not true.". She didn't mentioned what 'articles' relevant to what issue exactly, however she emphasized, "I really didn't do that. I definitely didn't!" again and again. Park Bom got the suspension of booking on her suspicion to bring in amphetamin in 2010.


Park Bom Brings Up Drug Issue And Her Plan To Comeback On Instagram Live

Park Bom's Instagram

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