Park Bom Brings Up Drug Issue And Her Plan To Comeback On Instagram Live

“I didn’t do  that. I didn’t.” Park Bom denied the drug rumor on her Instagram live.

Park Bom, who is the former member of 2NE1, communicated with fans on Instagram live on August 3rd. She talked, wearing sleeveless shirt and lying on the bed. Park Bom said, “I am considering if I can do reality program of mine for 24 hours, just like “2NE1 TV“.” “2NE1 TV” was the reality program which was broadcasting in 2009 on Mnet, filming 2NE1 members’ daily lives. The reality program Park Bom mentioned seems to mean her intention to reveal her daily life through SNS live channel. Also she confessed she really wants to comeback and drop a new song. 

She revealed the reason why she started Instagram live, “to clear up misunderstanding so far” and “Because articles related to myself are totally not true.”. She didn’t mentioned what ‘articles’ relevant to what issue exactly, however she emphasized, “I really didn’t do that. I definitely didn’t!” again and again. Park Bom got the suspension of booking on her suspicion to bring in amphetamin in 2010.



Park Bom’s Instagram

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Park Bom Drops a Bomb About 2NE1’s Comeback

With the strength of one Instagram post, Bom got the Black Jacks crazy with anticipation of a potential 2NE1 comeback spoiler!

Park Bom recently re-started an Instagram, and she’s already got the fans begging for more. Black Jacks have been hopeful that the singer’s return to SNS meant that her hiatus will finally be coming to a close. However, Bom uploaded her 2nd Instagram post that turned out to be a bigger bomb than the start itself.

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Bom uploaded a photo of her at a MooMin cafe in Korea. She began by mentioning her famous baby, Poong Poong and its family. But her last words were what caught the eyes of the nation. At the end, Bom wrote, “I’m doing well~~ Let’s meet soon~~~?!! Yes??” Following her comment, she hashtagged, “#ParkBom #2NE1 #yg #ygentertainment”.

Does this mean that we’ll finally be seeing the promised comeback of 2NE1 as a trio? Black Jacks certainly think so!

2NE1 Members Appeared On MAMA Stage With Park Bom

Korean netizens are uncomfortable about watching complete 2NE1 on MAMA stage. 

Park Bom surprised viewers for just her appearance on stage. MAMA 2015, spotlighted for its glamourous performances, ended with flourish last night. However, there is an ironic thing that netizens can’t understand and, still, debate about. At MAMA 2015, CL was known to attend and have her solo comeback performance for her song ‘Hello Bitches’ there, but when all the other members of 2NE1 came up on the stage, everyone got shocked.

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At the first place, only CL’s performance was confirmed, so all the viewers were surprised when all 2NE1 members appeared on stage. Especially, when Park Bom showed, the shock went panic.
She was accused of drug smuggling last year and has been off from K-Pop market since then.
2NE1 performed ‘Fire’ and ‘I AM THE BEST’.  The reactions of netizens were, “They sing so old songs, not for 2015.”, “Why 2NE1 on but not 2015’s girl groups on stage?”, “How come Park Bom is back?” and etc.

Why Do Netizens Talk Negatively About 2NE1 Park Bom’s Comeback?

2NE1 eventually comes back with Park Bom?  

The four legendary K-pop girl band’s last release was their album Crush in 2014. After prolonged teasing from the management company, the agency unveiled a meaningful comeback teaser image with Number “21“. Because its “21” is related with the group’s symbolic number, many assume that it means 2NE1’s return. Although we know nothing about it, fans heavily speculate on their comeback.

2ne1 2015 comeback2ne1 2015 comeback

Actually, the main vocalist of the group has long been suspected of drug-related offences. Even after the court ruled Park Bom not guilty, netizes were not comfortable with the group’s controversial girl. Why do netizens talk negatively about her comeback? 


Last July, prosecutors have revealed that 2NE1’s Park Bom was caught smuggling illegal drugs into South Korea. According to an exclusive report from Segye Ilbo, Park Bom attempted to send 82 amphetamine pills to South Korea through the Fedex’s international mailing service. About the issue, her agency confirmed that allegations, never did figure out the origin. Even now, the doubts still remain over the real intentions of drug smuggling.

2ne1 2015 comeback– CL’s “All Or Nothing” post –

While the exact cause of the crime is unknown at this point, global communities around the world are strongly criticizing her immoral actions. 

Why did YG unfollow Park Bom and Seungri on IG?






YG’s official Instagram deleted his idol stars’ IG

On April 16, with YG’s unfollow news, there was a big commotion among the fans. Big Bang’s maknae Seungri and 2NE1’s main vocal Park Bom Ri were released by a head of the YG Entertainment on his follow list of the official Instagram. It’s called unfollow that means it doesn’t want to make a relationship anymore.

From the morning, only three members in YG are left over at the CEO’s following listㅡGD, Taeyang, CL, and Sandara Park. 

Why did Minzy delete group name in her SNS?

Of course, it may not be his intention and be happening by his mistake while he was going to do something.

Fans think his act is as it may be, but it is simply not happening because he has neglected it  for a few hours.


Actually, we was able to get a sense of the chief’s mind through one programs from the past.

In the SBS ‘Hiling Camp’ aired  last November, a MC of the show was shown directly asking Yang Hyun Suk, “There have been so many problems with YG stars of late. What is your reason for staying quiet about these matters?” Upon getting the MC’s rather sensitive question, the chief of YG started, “Fist of all, I’m embarrassed.” He continued, “They are incidents that don’t need to happen. My management should have been more thorough and I would like to say that I’m sorry one more time.” Yang has felt ashamed of that kind of behavior of his artists.

Does that mean they may be kick out of their group? What do you think about the YG’s act?






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