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Park Bom fans are outraged at the moment after discovering a news article where it compares Park Bom to a sex doll.

South Korea is already having a number of people voicing their opposition of legalizing the importing of sex dolls in to the country.

Below are some of the reactions from fans.


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Me clicking on the title: what, they’re calling her looks doll-like?? isn’t that usually a good thing in beauty standards? Definitely not the worst thing that’s been said about Bom??
Me after the page has loaded: oh THAT kind of doll
Loathsome, execrable, vile, atrocious. Bom is not perfect but no one deserves to be objectified in such a foul way.
On Queendom she seemed so awkward and lonely coming back on her own, but so pleased when younger girl groups expressed their admiration. At least some people are giving her some love >I


I am sorry but she really looks artificial. And if you write this some fans would attack you for saying it. But isn’t this the look that she wanted?I mean I dont’t understand what’t this fuss all about and why she feels bad…


This is just so below the belt! I mean yeah Bom has done some surgeries and everything but she doesnt deserve to be called a sex doll or something disgusting! No one deserves that anyway no matter what they’ve done to themselves! People are so disgusting nowadays.


It’s because they call her sex doll. It’s different if they call her barbie doll. They are angry because of that. Artificial or not, she doesn’t deverve to be called like that.