Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Park HaeJin

Actor Park HaeJin has been one of the actors capable of acting the good and the evil. He has been blessed with a face that can act both sides, changing from evil to angel on his terms. 

This great actor, due to his capability of acting both roles, has taken diverse roles from the pure guy who goes after only one woman to a man who manipulates people for his needs. Whatever role he takes, he perfectly blends in and melts himself into the role, luring us to both the character and the actor himself.  Aside from his capability of acting, he’s got great features as well, and I’m not just talking about his face, but his body as well.

His acting capability, his facial features, and his well-built body are our type, alright. But what about his type?


Park HaeJin‘s Ideal Type Compilation

Park HaeJin: I am fond of the woman who is wise but not too smart to be perfect. I think real charms come from imperfections of a person. I also take notice of the style because I am interested in fashion. I think pulling off clothes is something that can be said about one’s sensibility. Also, I prefer a busy woman rather that woman who is only looking after me. Due to my job, I cannot spend so much time with my partner, it would ease my guilt is my partner was as busy as I am. 

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Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Seo KangJun

Actor Seo KangJun is one of the actors who’s got numerous women fans. It is important for an actor to act well, but it’s also important to be attractive to lure fans to sit and watch his work.

Seo KangJun is a young actor in his 20s, rising fast in romance movies and dramas. If he isn’t making any facial expressions, he looks cold and sexy, but as soon as he smiles, everything melts down and only a playful boy is left. Among his charms, his light brown eyes are what fans love the most about him. The soft big puppy eyes just sucks us in to the screen. His long sharp nose right in the middle of his face creates a great balance. If he hadn’t had such nose, he wouldn’t have had the chic look he has when he isn’t smiling. 

The wide shoulders, great fit in almost every clothes etc. We can list about a hundred things why we love KangJun so much, but do we know about what he loves and his ideal type? 


Seo KangJun‘s Ideal Type Compilation

Seo KangJun: I really don’t care about the age. If she’s older than me in 9 years, that’s fine. I am fond of kind person and someone I feel great talking to. It’s not about the looks for me, but what kinds of  emotions I get when I am with that person. If I say what I take interest specifically in looks, I’d say the beautiful line from the neck to shoulder.

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Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types7 Compilation: Ji ChangWook

When you are asked to pick your favorite Korean actor, it wouldn’t take much time. However, when you are asked, can you name just one actor who is talented in acting but has got the face and the physical as well? You would probably linger for awhile. Why? Not because there are not much choices, no, but because you’ve got TOO MUCH choices. 

Though there are a lot of actors who’s got the action skill along with perfect Greek god looking appearance, there is one TYPICAL actor representing the premise. It’s Ji ChangWook. A very few can disagree and it will be because of their love for their favorite. Objectively, Ji ChangWook does have the features of Greek god. Big sharp nose, huge eyes with thick eye lid, dark eyebrows, big lips and small sharp face. 

He makes us irresistible and pulls us to the couch to watch his work. He is recently making the cutest chemical flow with Nam JiHyeon in “Suspicious Partners.” We unconsciously put ourselves in Nam JiHyun’s shoes when we are watching the drama. 

We all know why we are so drawn to Ji ChangWook, but what kind of person will He be drawn to? Let’s find out!


Ji ChangWook‘s Ideal Compilation

Ji ChangWook: I want to meet someone who I get along well with. I am fond of someone who can support me mentally and make me pure as a child. I don’t really care much about what field she’d be working in. I just want someone whom I get along well spiritually and give me an energy to create like a muse! I had a lot of questions about who is my ideal type between Song HyeGyo and Ha JiWon, and if I make a choice it would be Ha JiWon.

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