Park HyungSik and Park BoYoung's friendship makes fans happy.

Do you remember the actor's chemistry with the actress in "Strong Woman Do BongSoon" (JTBC 2017)? Do you miss BongBong and MinMin the cute and funny couple? It seems like both actors still have a close and friendly relationship.

Currently, Park HyungSik is back with a new drama "Suits"! He is acting as a genius rookie lawyer with an amazing memory. He looks different from his previous role as a video games company's CEO.

Park HyungSik's Receives Support From "Do Intern" Aka Park BoYoung


The actor recently shared a picture on his Instagram of the food truck sent by the actress. In its banner, you can read "I am supporting Suits. CEO fighting!". With the picture, Park HyungSik added the caption "Do Intern if you need a lawyer let me know". Seeing both actors' chemistry and jokes, fans love it. In the comments, fans say that they miss the cute couple and that they are supporting his drama too.


The actor looks very handsome with suits in the drama. He even had a photo shoot with his co-worker Jang DongGun for High Cut.

Park HyungSik's Receives Support From "Do Intern" Aka Park BoYoung

High Cut

Did you start watching "Suits"?


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