Park HyungSik's Instagram

Park HyungSik shared a breathtaking picture on his Instagram.

Previously, it was reported that the actor received support from Park BoYoung on the set of his new drama "Suits". In it, he acts as a genius rookie lawyer.

On his Instagram, he posted a picture of him on the set of the drama. The actor is on the roof of a tall building nearby the abyss. As he is super close to the edge, while looking down, the scene looks terrifying. Park HyungSik still has security cables but the filming of the scene might not have been easy. In the caption, he said "SUITS ...".

Fans commented "Be careful", "Aren't you scared?" or "I love Suits".

Park HyungSik Shares A Stunning Picture From "Suits" Set

Naver x Dispatch

Wishing him a safe filming.


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