Park SeoJoon's immense popularity continues to increase not just in South Korea but also in the US as well.

According to the actor's agency AwesomeENT, it was revealed that he was going to be appearing on the LED billboard of New York Times Square for two days beginning on August 1st. It was reported that the billboard was a gift from a fan club in China in order to celebrate the seventh anniversary of his debut.

Park SeoJoon Becomes First S. Korean Actor To Appear In Times Square Billboard


South Korean idols such as BTS and Wanna One have been sighted in Times Square LED ads before in the past but this makes Park SeoJoon the very first actor ever to appear on it.

It has been reported that the billboard cost around an estimate of $10,000.


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Aug 9, 2018 05:40 am

Kim Yun Jin (2004) from Lost , Rain(2009) Ninja Assassin and Lee Byung-Hun (2016) The Magnificent Seven, are just a few I can name that came before though I love them all. Need to fact check before posting your story.

RAINCloud Europe
RAINCloud Europe
Aug 9, 2018 01:57 am

Actually, the first Korean actor was RAIN (Jung Ji-hoon) as a star of the Wachowskis' Ninja Assassin who appeared on a giant Time Square billboard in 2009. Please, correct this fake statement of your shared information. Thanks in advance, on behalf of Rain's fans all over the world.