Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Park SeoJun

Park SeoJun, Ideal Type, Fight For My Way
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Now in “Fight for My Way”, Park SeoJun is one the actors who always makes a huge hit in romance dramas. His unique sense of humor and archly words just make us helpless in falling in love with him more and more

This is the usual step most fans took in falling for Park SeoJun. When one first sees him, not much interest is given since he isn’t the most typically handsome face. The second time one sees him, their curiosity triggers by his own style of acting. He pulls off every role he takes into his own color of being playful and comical but turn manly when he has to be. The curious fan will start searching for his past actions and his profile. The game is set when the fans watches him in a kiss scene. 

This is the usual step that most of his fans told on how they began to adore him. After starting to adore, then that’s the time they see his handsome features and tall height with well built body. But what they find the most attractive is the innocent wide smile he throws.

We have clarified why and what we love about him, now it’s time to know what HE falls for.


Park SeoJun‘s Ideal Type Compilation

Park SeoJun: I like a woman who’s got a cold and chic looks, especially the eyes. I love sharp eyes like that of a cat. Also I am fond of someone whom I can enjoy having conversation because we share same interest. One who is thoughtful and places oneself in other’s shoes is another thing in my ideal type.  Also, I tend to like pretty soft hands.

Park SeoJun, Ideal Type, Fight For My Way


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