The boys just debuted 2 months ago, but PENTAGON already held their first solo concert with a successful turnout!

PENTAGON held their first solo concert "TENTASTIC - Vol.1" last night at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. The concert was dedicated to celebrate the group's 2 months mark since debut and the release of the boys' 2nd mini-album, "FIVE SENSES".

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Although the boys' debut album dropped just a bit ago, PENTAGON proved their monster rookie power by successfully holding a solo concert, as well as making a quick comeback with their 2nd album. Among their various group nicknames, the boys are now known as the "fastest idol", because of the group's fastest entry into the Japanese market, fastest solo concert, and fastest concert tickets to be sold out.

If they were 'King Kong idols' for "GORILLA", PENTAGON is back as the 'Engine idols' for their new album, "FIVE SENSES". The album features self written lyrics by the group's rapper line, E'Dawn, WooSeok and Yuto. In order to pay back for all of the love that they've received since their debut program - "PENTAGON MAKER" - the boys worked hard in between their debut promotions to release their second mini-album. "FIVE SENSES" refers to the 5 categories that the members had to successfully master in their debut program: Vocal/Rap, Dance, Teamwork, Charm, and Mind.

Along with their domestic promotions, the boys will be holding their Japanese fan showcase on the 10th.

PENTAGON is on Fire with a Successful Solo Concert Just 2 Months Since Debut

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