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K-Pop fans from all over the world will be able to welcome PENTAGON  for their comeback through M2 “PREMIERE SHOWCASE”!

According to the release by CJ ENM, it was said that they will be airing PENTAGON “PREMIERE SHOWCASE” on Mnet at 7 pm KST. Later on, it will be available to fans worldwide as they will be uploading the clips onto M2 YouTube channel at 8 pm KST.

PENTAGON will be showing their fans the very first stage of their title track ‘접근금지’ or also known as ‘Humph!’ produced by GIRIBOY. If you have yet to check out the MV teaser, you can do so below.

Aside from ‘Humph!’, it was also revealed that PENTAGON will be performing 2 more of their new songs from their mini album.

Looks like M2 has also been hyping fans up as they had released a short preview clip for the “PREMIERE SHOWCASE”.

Through the short clip uploaded, fans could see that the boys are going for camping as well as having fun through various games.

With that being said, many fans are excited and thrilled to see what they have prepared for their comeback.

4 months after their previous comeback for “Genie:us”, fans are able to see that PENTAGON has upgraded their visuals, music as well as shown them a more mature image.

Don’t miss out on their “PREMIERE SHOWCASE” at Mnet 7 pm KST!


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