Attractive Perfume List Loved by K-Pop Idols

Here’s the list of perfumes that are known to be used by K-Pop idols.

Have you ever been curious what scents smell from your idols? I know you already imagine lovely and gorgeous fragrances  which reminds you of your idols’ images well. K-Popmap searched from their interviews and fans’ reviews who have met idols at least once. Check out what perfumes your idols love below and compare with what you imagined!

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1. Suzy – JEANNE ARTHES ‘Lovely Sweet Sixteen’

JEANNE ARTHES ‘Lovely Sweet Sixteen’ is famous for Suzy’s perfume and also its gentle & sweet scent just like its name.

Suzy, 2017 suzy, suzy perfume, suzy style,




2. SeulGi of Red Velvet – Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charms EDT

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charms EDT is the perfume that SeulGi is using now. Actually, this one is the most popular perfume of Salvatore Ferragamo’s perfume series. It smells like green grape and other fruits, so you can feel its sweet and fresh scents.

SeulGi, Red Velvet, SeulGi perfume,

Nate Pann




ISSEY MIYAKE L’EAU DISSEY means ‘ISSEY’s water’. Don’t you think YoonA’s pure image just fit perfectly to this perfume? This perfume is known to be used by other many idols too.

Yoona, SNSD, Yoona perfume, 2017 Yoona




4. Xiumin of EXO – Ferrari Light Essence

Ferrari Light Essence is known as Xiumin perfume and become popular among Korean Guys for that fact. This one has cool and refreshing scents.

Xiumin, Xiumin perfume, exo, 2017 xiumin

Nate Pann



5. JungKook of BTS – Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease Body Mist

This one is not a perfume but a body mist actually, but this is also well known as JungKook’s favorite. Different form what it looks, it’s good for even male because it smell crisp pear scents.

JungKook, JungKook perfume, 2017 Jungkook, BTS,




6. Yook SungJae of BTOB – Prada Luna Rossa

 In the interview, he confessed that he is interested in perfumes and recently he is using this one. This one smell strong but as time goes by it gets soft.

Yook SungJae, Yook SungJae perfume, 2017 Yook SungJae

Nate Pann