Before "Idol School"  was first aired and it only released its teasers, claims to drop Lee ChaeYoung, a participant, have been a huge issue.

Petition to Drop Lee ChaeYoung From "IDOL School" Started by Victim of School Bullying


The claim insisted on dropping Lee ChaeYoung from the program because she was a school bully in the past and she did a lot of harm to a number of her classmates. However, the program denied that she had such past and continued on with their program with nothing more mentioned.

After the first episode was aired, the victims of school bullying made a petition to drop her out of the program. "How can the bully be living so well, keeping silent of her past and without even a single apology?  The victims, whenever she is on TV, have to be in pain again recalling their nightmares." claimed the victims. The goal of the petition is to be signed by 10000 people, yet only 338 people have signed for now.

Still, there is no official statement from the program, but soon, the petition will surely make bullying issue out to the surface again. Whether what the petitioners are stating is true or not, the program clearly needs some clarifying to do.

Lee ChaeYoung has shown a pretty positive image in the first episode, but the public will have to see about that.  

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