Petition to Drop Lee ChaeYoung From “IDOL School” Started by Victim of School Bullying

Before “Idol School”  was first aired and it only released its teasers, claims to drop Lee ChaeYoung, a participant, have been a huge issue.

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The claim insisted on dropping Lee ChaeYoung from the program because she was a school bully in the past and she did a lot of harm to a number of her classmates. However, the program denied that she had such past and continued on with their program with nothing more mentioned.

After the first episode was aired, the victims of school bullying made a petition to drop her out of the program. “How can the bully be living so well, keeping silent of her past and without even a single apology?  The victims, whenever she is on TV, have to be in pain again recalling their nightmares.” claimed the victims. The goal of the petition is to be signed by 10000 people, yet only 338 people have signed for now.

Still, there is no official statement from the program, but soon, the petition will surely make bullying issue out to the surface again. Whether what the petitioners are stating is true or not, the program clearly needs some clarifying to do.

Lee ChaeYoung has shown a pretty positive image in the first episode, but the public will have to see about that.  

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Mnet “IDOL School” 1st Ranking: As of July 13th

Mnet “IDOL School”s the very first ranking is just dropped out.

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After  “Produce 101 SE2” ended with huge amount of attention from K-Pop fans, “IDOL School” just started on 13th July. Even before the beginning of this program, there were a few controversies about this program’s systems. Despite of all those concerns, “IDOL School” the first episode was quite successful. Compared to the first ratings of Produce 101 SE2, which is 1.3%, “IDOL School” the first ratings is much higher, as about 3%,. Right after the program was broadcasting, lots of netizens talked about it and gave it plenty of attention.

In the first episode, Idol students had entrance ceremony and received feedback on basic skills according to each member’s position. “IDOL School” staffs revealed the differences between “Produce 101”, saying that the students have no companies and, in every episode, audiences will vote for students in live broadcast. However, eventually, “IDOL School” has the same system with Produce 101 which selects 9 final members to debut. 

Here are the very first ranking of “IDOL School” in live broadcast. 


Lee HaeIn, IDOL School


1st – Lee HaeIn

2nd – Natty

3rd – Lee ChaeYoung

4rd – Seo HeRin

5th – Park JiWon

6th – Kim EunKyul

7th – Song HaYoung

8th – Jo YooRi

9th – Baek JiHeon

10th – Chu WonHee



11th – Lee Seoyeon

12th – Bin HaNeul

13th – Lee SaeRom

14th – Lee NaKyung

15th – Lee SiAn

16th –  Lee YoungYoo

17th –  Yoo JiNa

18th – Jo YooBin

19th – Shin SiAh

20th – Kim EunSeo

IDOL School. IDOL School ranking


21st – Kim MyungJi

22nd – Bae EunYoung

23rd – No JiEun

24th – Park Sun

25th – Lee YouJung

26th – Yoon JiWoo

27th – Park SoMyung

28th – Jang KyuRi

29th – Som HyeIn

30th – White Michelle

IDOL School, IDOL School ranking


31st – Jung SoMi

32nd – Kim JooHyun

33rd – Lee Seul

34th – Snowbaby

35th – Lee DaHee

36th – Jo YoungJoo

37th – Jo SeRim

39th – Yang YeonJi

40th – Kim NaYeon

41st – Hong SiYoo

Keep an eye on the program whether there will be any surprising changes in the rank!


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Will All the 41 Girl be Able to Graduate From “Idol School”?

“Idol School” is making such a huge boom even before the start like Produce 101 seasons. It has already went through some controversies, but despite the critical opinions, the program is going to be aired as planned and the 41 girls who were able to enter the school were revealed. 

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Though we have been curious of who are to join, what we were also curious of was the system of the program. The rule of the school is debut right after graduation. 41 girls? Debut after the program? The number and the rule of the school made it hard for us to imagine. 

The program has finally opened up their system. Basically, only the few girls who topped the rank will be able to debut. The program will be collecting text messages during the program so the girls will be checking the reactions of people in real time. The text message is to give reactions and viewers vote the girl. Aside from the text messages, a registered members vote will counts as well.

A “Registered Members” can be anyone who have at least voted once through text messages. The registered members are divided into three groups, from white, pink to blue. The white is the weakest and the blue is the most powerful members. There are different benefits given to respective groups, but all their evaluations of the 41 students will all count and be used to grade the students.

The program is to be aired from July 13th, and the text votes start from then. Whether they’ve got the talent to debut will be judged by the viewers and the viewers only. 

The program is expected to be full of tension since the online(text) votes as well as registered members evaluation will be given to the girls weekly. Also, the girls’ reaction after they have seen the comments of the viewers being aired is expected to be a pressure and create tension.

Though we still have lots of questions about the new school, let’s try to wait calmly until the July 13th, and see how things roll.

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