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On Dec. 19, a photo of 3 K-Pop female idols from different groups were spotted online and fans could not help but become excited.

They are none other than Red Velvet's Joy, GFriend's YeRin and Apink's HaYoung!


HaYoung had uploaded the picture on her Instagram account and many fans could not help but wonder what it could mean.

On the photo caption, HaYoung wrote "The last emotions of being 24" which can also refer to her suggesting the 3 of them spending their last few days being 24 years old (Korean age) before the year ends.

Many fans believe that it could be a chance that the 3 idols are preparing for a special stage collaboration for one of the 3 year end music festivals, SBS "Gayo Daejeon", MBC "Gayo Daejejeon" and KBS "Gayo Daechukje". The reason behind the speculation is because of the fact that the photo was taken in SM Entertainment's practice studio!

Although nothing is confirmed, fans could not help but get excited as they always love stage collaborations.

What do you think about it?


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