An unidentified netizen recently tipped of South Korean news agencies with a photo that may well serve as evidence in the recent K-Pop sajaegi controversies.

Not too long ago, Block B’s Park Kyung directly mentioned a few K-Pop singers who he accused of manipulating the music charts. Naturally, this resulted in the agencies of those singers who were mentioned, to clap back. The agencies of the singers mentioned in Park Kyung’s tweet stated that they will be taking legal action against him and denied that they have ever manipulated the charts.

The recent tip showed several computer monitors with various different music streaming sites. The unidentified netizen stated:

“This photo most likely belongs to one of the singers mentioned by Park Kyung. I hope this helps his cause.”

Photo That Suggests Sajaegi Chart Manipulation Actually Took Place Surfaces


In addition the person also revealed that it was actually a video, but the video could not be uploaded because it showed the face of someone running the computers. However, the anonymous tipper did also say that he or she would get the help of facial recognition agencies and submit further evidence.

Stay tuned for updates!

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