South Korean news agency Dispatch released reports of Pledis Entertainment CEO Han SungSoo caught up in a controversy involving adding his wife's name in the credits of IZ*ONE's music as a lyricist.

Reports stated that lyricist name SO JAY, a name that hasn't been heard of before in the past, were included in the credits of the highly popular girl group's song credits.

Pledis CEO Apologizes For Issue Regarding IZ*ONE Royalties


Han SungSoo recently released an apology stating:

"Despite myself personally being involved in the production of the songs, it was careless of me to have received royalties using my wife's name.

I wanted to be recognized and paid for the work I have done, and made the mistake of being greedy and not respecting the position of a produer.

I apologize for my actions."

Stay tuned for updates.



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