Pledis Entertainment

With having nearly four hundred days of inactivity, many PRISTIN fans believe that the girl group is on brink of coming to an end.

Fans have been bombarding Pledis Entertainment hoping to receive a feedback from the agency but still have not yet received a response. The hashtag , has been trending on social media ever since.

In addition, what has also alarmed fans was that Pledis Entertainment has also been deleting posts related to this issue on top of staying silent.

And the fact that the agency also remained silent for five years regarding their previous girl group After School definitely doesn't comfort fans as well.

Many fans believe that something is going on and that PRISTIN may not be able to return to the K-Pop scene. Do you agree with them?


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Nov 16, 2018 12:21 am

PLEDIS screw up everything, they can't handle a blind horse on a sunny day, now Pristin and After School are dead and buried, and nobody knows about their funeral.