Pledis Entertainment Sparks Controversy With Upcoming NU’EST W Concert

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Pledis Entertainment

K-netizens are heavily criticizing Pledis Entertainment and accusing the agency of being purely money-driven, without any considerations for what is happening in society.

What could have possibly triggered such accusations from netizens?

It all has to do with the current #METOO movement that is taking South Korea by a storm at the moment. For those that may be unaware, NU’EST member Kang DongHo had been accused of sexual harassment in the past. An alleged victim came forth and contended that the K-Pop idol exhibited unwanted sexual behavior towards her inside a public bus during her middle school years.

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While an official verdict hasn’t been reached, the ongoing case itself has caused much controversy and heated arguments amongst netizens.

In addition, just a few weeks ago, an ad put up inside the Apgujeong subway station in the Gangnam district that celebrated Kang DongHo’s debut was taken down after complaints were filed.

Kang DongHo, Kang DongHo Sexual Assault


What’s irking the public is that Pledis Entertainment has scheduled NU’EST W to carry on and perform in the midst of a seemingly serious situation. K-netizens are having a difficult time understanding how someone who should under the radar after being accused of sexual harassment is continuously being in the spotlight as if nothing ever happened.

What is your opinion on the matter? Was it a bad move from Pledis Entertainment? Or are K-netizens overreacting? Feel free to share your comments below!


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