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Just recently on July 17th, Shinhwa member MinWoo’s sexual harassment case was forwarded to the prosecution.

A while back on June 29th, the veteran K-Pop idol was accused of sexually harassing and forcing kisses on two women at a bar located within the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea.

MinWoo stated that he mistook the women for someone else and acted in playfulness. He also added that the joke went too far but didn’t have any other intent other than to mess around.

The two women at some point withdrew their charges against him, but the police followed protocol and continued to investigate further into the matter.

This lead to the police obtaining a CCTV footage that allegedly depicts sexual harassment taking place.

At the moment, because the incident involves an indecent act by compulsion and doesn’t require a complaint from a victim for charges to proceed, MinWoo may potentially be charged even if the two women withdrew their complaints.

Stay tuned for updates!


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