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SuperM Official Twitter

SuperM has debuted with their title track ‘Jopping’ and the song is receiving large reception from K-Pop lovers especially from those in the U.S.

If you have yet to check out their high budget music video, you can take a look below!

Not long after their debut, all the 7 members updated fans with a picture of them by a swimming pool.

On the Twitter post, they added the caption “Chilling in Hollywood” which suggests that they are having sufficient rest despite their upcoming busy schedule.

Many have been curious about where they were chilling at and once again, eagle-eyed netizens were able to find out about the location!

Apparently, the place that they are staying prices at USD8,000,000 (to buy)! It was also mentioned that SM Entertainment had rented the entire house during the time that SuperM will be promoting in the U.S. The price of the rent is about USD50,000/month according to local real estate agency.

Price Of House SuperM Is Currently Staying At Surprises Netizens

Idol Issue

With the information, many were shocked at how much the company had decided to spend on the rent!

Previously, some fans had also thought that the boys had headed to a swimming pool but did not know that they only took a step in the place where they are staying at.

SuperM had just finished their first performance at Hollywood and will be touring different cities for their promotion “We Are The Future”.

Are you amazed at the place where they are currently staying at?


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Are people seriously mad? For what? They have to host the entire band, their respective staff, managers etc. And this way it’s harder for paparazzi and fans to stalk them.


I’m not surprised. I live in Southern California and luxury homes are that expensive. I would also think it’s a secure compound, so they wouldn’t have to worry about fans or the press encroaching on their privacy


This message was deleted.


Thats cool you fixed that info. I respect that. Im deleting my previous comment.


We apologize for being not clear enough. It was reported that USD8,000,000 is the price to buy and the rent is said to be about USD50,000/month according to a local real estate agency. Hope this helps!


That’s gross, honestly