PRISTIN has officially announced their debut plans date by date in their latest countdown teaser.

Through their official SNS channels, PRISTIN revealed their latest debut teaser featuring a timeline countdown. The time table announced the date of their first official teaser down to their 1st mini-album release. The girls' concept photos will drop on March 9th and 10th. The album cover drops on the 13th, tracklist on the 14th, highlight medley on the 15th and two music video trailers on the 18th and 19th. Then their debut album will officially be released on March 21st. 

PRISTIN will debut as a 10 member group, becoming the first girl group to debut from Pledis Entertainment since After School. Their name comes from their determination to become "the separate bright lights will come together as one big star".


PRISTIN Announces Their Debut Plans in Countdown Teaser

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