Pledis Entertainment's long awaited girl group, PRISTIN, will finally be debuting this month.

PRISTIN, known pre-debut as the Pledis Girlz, will be debuting on March 21st. The first teaser for their long awaited debut just dropped through their official SNS channels. The released teaser featured a perfume bottle with the label "PRISTIN". The teaser also listed the names of all 10 members and the title of their debut album - "HI! PRISTIN". Their debut date, March 21st, was written at the very bottom of the teaser.

PRISTIN will be Pledis's second girl group since After School, and the sister group to the popular boy band SEVENTEEN. The group consists of two I.O.I members, NaYoung and KyulKyung. After a year of debut planning as the Pledis Girlz, their official name was created during their debut semi-final concert, "Pledis Girlz Concert BYE &HI". As they say goodbye to their pre-debut days, we will finally be saying hello to their official debut.

More teasers are set to be dropped as the countdown begins for the group's debut date on March 21, 2017.


PRISTIN Finally Announces Their Debut Date for March

Pledis Entertainment

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