PRISTIN’s Kyla To Go On Hiatus

PRISTIN 2017, PRISTIN Kyla 2017

Kyla, one of the members of our beloved girl group PRISTIN as of today, will not be making any appearances with PRISTIN. There has been no information give on how long her absence will last.

It has been reported that Kyla returned to the United States for a full medical check-up during the traditional annual South Korean holiday, ‘Chusok’. Based on her health condition and results of the check-up, she was advised by her doctor to discontinue her current activities as an idol and take a break. 

PRISTIN Kyla, PRISTIN 2017, Kyla Massie, Kyla 2017

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According to official statements released by her agency, she will not be returning to South Korea anytime soon and will continue receiving medical treatment while also taking time to rest in the United States. We pray for the restoration of her health as soon as possible and hope to see her again as her lively self.


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