Produce 101 is being heavily condemned for creating sexual scenes inappropriate for the program.

Do you remember the scenes where all trainees took turn to make Meringue, a cookie which is made after a long period of stirring. Though making the cookie may seem funny because boys have hard time stirring up the flour and egg together in a short time, there is a sexual intention behind these scenes.

Stirring up Meringue has been long used as a sex symbol because in the process of stirring one's arm and chest muscles are embossed and the white sticky egg represents the men's semen. Also, their motion is known to resemble the motion of masturbation.


The cropped scenes of boy stirring Meringue is intentionally made to trigger sexual emotions and people heavily criticize of for having such corner at the first time. A lot of trainees were minors, not even a legal age to be exposed to sexual products. However, the producer used them to create such. 

Some trainees showed hesitation in these scenes because they were aware of what it meant already. 

Fans and the public hope for a strong regulation to be applied in making programs where such inappropriate and stimulating scene be deleted or not filmed in the first place. 

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