South Korean and Japan have pretty much been enemies throughout history. And given that South Korea is currently busy boycotting anything related to Japan after being taken out of Japan's whitelist regarding trade restrictions, the political tension has affected everything including K-Pop.

Mnet's 'Produce 101 Japan', the Japanese version of the survival program as suggested by the title, will be filmed in South Korea and is also currently under heavy criticism from South Korean netizens.

South Korean netizens have criticized Mnet for doing business with Japan in times when most people within the nation are boycotting Japan.

Some have stated that Mnet is in need of money while others have stated that they were not getting a grip on the gravity of the current situation.

In fact, a couple Uniqlo stores in South Korea have even been closed due to a severe lack of consumers.

'Produce 101 Japan' will pretty much go through the same process as the original Korean version, and the winning finalists will debut some time in 2020.


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