One of the famous programs of Mnet, Produce 101 is again, preparing to be on air with season 2.

Produce 101 Season 2, Getting Ready to Create a New Wave

Produce 101 Season 2 Twitter

Produce 101 S2 has been grabbing fan’s attention, for this time, it isn’t girls but, boys who were competing. The title song ‘Pick Me’ in season 1 made such a big wave, and the program is expecting to do so again with the title song for season 2, ‘Naya Na’, meaning “It’s Me”.

The song is very addictive, just like ‘Pick Me’, and it will be able to show the potentials of boys both in dance and singing.

The boys of Produce 101 have been filming ‘Naya Na’ in one of the stadiums in Incheon and fans can check it out on March 9th.

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