On November 7th, it was announced that Mnet "Produce 101" Season 4 will most likely to happen in April 2019.

According to an insider, it was shared that Mnet is aiming for April next year to air the first episode. 8 months after the end of "Produce 48", "Produce 101" Season 4 will be greeting its loyal viewers once again.

Since "Produce 48" focuses on female trainees, "Produce 101" Season 4 would most likely be the survival between male trainees, just like "Produce 101" Season 2.

"Produce 101" Season 4 To Happen In April 2019?


It was also revealed that the chances of "Produce 101" Season 4 working with other countries are low and has no plans for collaboration. Ever since the airing of "Produce 101" series, groups that debuted under them such as I.O.I and Wanna One have been receiving awards on music shows and end of year award ceremonies. Recently debuted IZ*ONE also shocked many with their debut album sales. It is expected that the future group will be achieving such results as well.

Previously, "Produce 101" Season 2 began airing on April 7th 2017 and so, many are hoping that it will be airing around the same time too.


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Jan 1, 2019 06:23 pm

I hope they are male trainees..... i wish they are like wanna one that has a great talent....
See you soon PRODUCE 101 season 4