It was officially released that Mnet "Produce 48"'s contract for the debuting girl group will be 2 years 6 months.

According to multiple insiders, it was revealed that the debuting girl group will be promoting in both South Korea and Japan for two and half years under the appointed management agency. Compared to I.O.I who had only promoted for a year and 1 and half year for Wanna One, this contract is longer than before.

"Produce 48" Debuting Girl Group To Promote For 2 Years 6 Months

KCON LA / Wanna One Facebook

The reason for "Produce 48" to extend the contract to 2 years 6 months is due to the huge scale of the girl group project from both countries. It is the first time Mnet "Produce" series is involved in the global market and so, everything will be carried out larger than before.

The duration of the contract was agreed by all the entertainment agencies who are taking part in "Produce 48". After considering how an idol group would spend a year for overseas promotion and other possible schedules, the agencies have agreed upon the duration of the contract. Viewers can also expect various kinds of promotion especially through the joint partnership with Akimoto Yasushi who have created AKB48.

CJ E&M also announced that the debuting girl group will not only promote in South Korea and Japan but also overseas possibly in the future. After the contracts end, the trainees will return to their original entertainment agencies hopefully as a global artists with many experience.

Currently, Mnet has released the teaser for the upcoming "Produce 48" that is set to premiere in June 2018.


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