Produce 48: Everything You Need To Know

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New information about Produce 101‘s third project ‘Produce 48‘ has surfaced recently online.

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It was reported back in late 2017 that Produce 101’s next project was going to be a collaborative effort with Japanese girl group AKB48. However, new information tells us that the survival program will incorporate the idol trainee selecting systems of both Produce 101 and AKB48 in order to form a debut lineup.

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According to statements of the spokesman for Produce 101, “48 idol trainees from South Korea and 48 trainees from Japan will participate in the upcoming survival show. However, South Korean trainees will not be competing against Japanese trainees. South Korean idol trainees will be competing amongst themselves and likewise for the Japanese idol trainees as well. Six idol trainees will be chosen from both sides to form a twelve member debut lineup. South Korean fans will be able to vote only for the Japanese idol trainees and vice versa.”

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Whether this new system produces a group just as successful as I.O.I or Wanna One is unclear at the moment as netizens are divided on opinions regarding the creativity of the new system which will be implemented throughout the show.


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