Mnet "Produce 48" is the third season of "Produce 101". This long awaited new season will be airing on Mnet on June 15th 11PM KST.

It has gained attention from many K-Pop and J-Pop fans ever since AKB48 and I.O.I performed 'Pick Me' on last year's Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

To tease the loyal viewers even more, Mnet has highlighted three things from "Produce 48".


#1 Despite the difference in nationality, the girls have the same dream

"Produce 48" Shares Three Points To Take Note This Season


Due to the participation of girls from AKB48, the Korean trainees could not help but feel the difference in idol culture between them. Viewers will be able to notice how the girls from both countries interact, brainstorm and work together as a team despite the fierce competition.


#2 Voting for 12 girls begins with the airing of first episode

"Produce 48" Shares Three Points To Take Note This Season


HKT48‘s Miyawaki Sakura and SKE48's Matsui Jurina are the few most popular members when it comes to the annual AKB48 election. They have a strong fan base back in their home country and it is not easy to predict the outcome for this season. In addition for the Korean trainees, After School's Lee GaEun and fromis_9's Jang GyuRi have also debuted previously, making their name known to the public.

However, viewers should also not neglect the trainees from Korean entertainment agencies as they have waited for a long time to show their talent and skills after years of training. As such, expectation for this season is raised due to the unpredictable outcome.


#3 Who will be able to catch the national producers' heart as the performance queen?

"Produce 48" Shares Three Points To Take Note This Season


All the participating trainees met each other for the first time in the first episode. With "Produce 101"'s signature performance evaluation which opens the show, it is no doubt that this is the most important stage to catch not only the viewers' but also the mentors' attention. It was also revealed that while there are flawless trainees, there are also trainees who showed up with performances that did not impress the mentors.

Mnet has also released a short preview video for the fans! Be sure to check it out below.

If you are living abroad, be sure to make use of the "Global TVing" app which CJ E&M had released to catch the show real time.


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