"Produce 48" (Mnet) is gaining much attention! This new season of the survival show brings new surprises.

Korean trainees and Japanese trainees will participate in this program. At the end, the debuting girl group will promote for 2 years and 6 months.

Compared to I.O.I and Wanna One, Produce 48 trainees' wage will be higher. An amount of 100,000 won per episode/trainee. In the past, it used to be based on divided incomes from songs.

Also, they will be paid 1,000,000 won per song released in which they participate. It is a huge amount considering that they did not debut yet. Even not all the new singers can have this amount.

Lee SeungGi will be MC for the show.

"Produce 48" Trainees Will Have Better Wage

Lee SeungGi's Instagram

Their wage are significantly different from previous seasons. The difference is probably due to the huge scale and potential, the popularity of the previous seasons, and the presence of popular trainees.

Already many previous participants of the show have been to the recording such Wanna One And I.O.I and Kang Daniel and Jeon SoMi made a surprise visit.

All the 96 participants already entered the training center.

"Produce 48" will start in June!


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