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Have you been keeping up with the trending Mnet "Produce X 101"?

Well, if you did, you would most probably recognize OUI Entertainment's Kim YoHan and iME Korea's Lee SeJin trainees. They had covered NCT 'Boss' and EXO 'Love Shot' respectively during the group evaluation.

It looks like both of them are rather close with each other as pictures of them hanging out near a convenience store were uploaded on online communities not long ago.

"Produce X 101" Kim YoHan And Lee SeJin Spotted Hanging Out With Each Other

The Qoo

The netizen who had uploaded the pictures mentioned that they were spotted hanging out together a week ago but had only uploaded them now. It looked like both trainees had bought ice cream and a drink while sharing with each other.

Needless to say, their close friendship got many fans thinking that they became closer especially during the show.

Hopefully we will also get to see more of their interactions on "Produce X 101"!

Currently, Kim YoHan is ranked number 1 and Lee SeJin is ranked number 13 according to Mnet for week 3 rankings.


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Jun 7, 2019 12:33 pm