Viewers of K-Pop survival programs have much to look forward to this year as 'Queendom', which stars female K-Pop idols who have already debuted, will soon be airing.

The show will be hosted by Lee DaHee and is also scheduled to air some time in late August.

But given that the last survival program, 'Produce X 101' had alleged voting controversies, how are netizens and viewers feeling about the upcoming program?

Here's what the producer, Cho WookHyeong has to say about it.

According to the producer, viewers and fans will vote via text messages on the final episode. Producer Cho has stated that everyone has been concerned about the matter of voting due to how things ended with 'Produce X 101', which is why the original data showing votes collected will be stored and revealed to the public if necessary.

In addition, the staff members are currently in the process of thinking about how to leave the least room for suspicion in terms of fair voting, meaning they are working on eliminating all possibilities of unfair play with the text message method.

Producer Cho has also ensured that there will be no "devil's editing", meaning no one on the show will be made out to look bad or in a negative way through bad editing.

The show will star several female K-Pop idol groups including (G)I-DLE, MAMAMOO, Park Bom, AOA, Oh My Girl, and Lovelyz.

Stay tuned for updates!

Which female K-Pop group are you supporting?


34.3% (4,838)


2.5% (346)


1.7% (240)


8.9% (1,256)


50.6% (7,143)

Park Bom

2% (289)


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Aug 27, 2019 11:58 am

If they wanted to reassure the public; the easiest is to hire a trusted accounting or consulting firm to do the vote tallying.
But seriously, there's little chance of vote rigging. Coz unlike the Produce series (where a group is formed), it won't matter to mnet, who wins.