There is no guarantee for idols and musicians to finish their stage well or accident- free. Every stage is full of hidden mishaps no matter how careful the performers are.

Though some accidents occur from the performer oneself, a lot of cases happen due to surroundings and the mechanical factors on stage. Those unexpected mishaps can make the performer panic and get lost of track in their stages. However, there are people who have such firm mentality or have a number of experience going through accidents that they act so natural to them. People call them "professional" for being so quick to decide the right thing and the best thing for their stage.

It would be quite vague to just listen to words explaining how professional idols and musicians are on stage, isn't it? Here are some of the moments where they were so quick to decide the right reaction to unexpected mishaps.

SeulGi of Red Velvet

She was singing 'Rookie' live when her microphone went off. However, she did not show a glimpse of panic but went on singing, until a staff handed her a new microphone. This incident has proven how professional she could be and the fact that she could sing live so well while dancing.


Joy of Red Velvet

While Red Velvet was performing in a university festival, Joy suddenly fainted covering her ears. As the rest of the members stopped dancing worried of Joy, she she moved to their dance formation as a cue to finish the stage without stopping while she was still wobbly. 


SinB of GFriend

She was doing a stage as usual when she hurt her shoulders badly. She continued on the stage without showing her pain but only to stick the injured arm fixed to her body.  People caught tears in her eyes during her performance but she did not stop the stage. 


YuJu of GFriend

On the comeback stage of GFriend, fans caught her ankle bleeding pretty much. It was known that she had an injury backstage but she didn't have time to do something about it. She performed with water on stage that day which must have stung a lot.


Ki HuiHyun of DIA

DIA was performing on a very small stage. HuiHyun  did not notice the end of the stage being so close to her and fell from the stage while dancing. She quickly got up and performed the rest of the song. She told her fans that she was okay and comforted her fans after the stage through an interview. 



She was performing on a rainy day and the stages were more than wet. It had puddles in the middle of the stage. While she was doing the move of turning back from the audience, she took off her heels fast not to slip and continued her routine. 


EunSeo of WJSN

While WJSN was performing 'I Wish', EunSeo lost one shoe while dancing so she took off the other so quickly and naturally that the group didn't have to do the stage over again. 


HwaSa of Mamamoo

Solar was handing an open water bottle to HweeIn but HweeIn did not notice her and made an abrupt movement. The water almost spilled and HweeIn was a bit wet when HwaSa interrupted in saying "Let's Start the Water Festival!" and HweeIn danced as if it was really a water festival! 


Before ending, here is a video that people picked as "the funniest reaction to stage accidents"! 

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Nov 20, 2017 09:53 pm

Why didn't u put jungkook BST comeback held in music bank where his right finger was bleeding cause by something sharp on his blazer / coat while doing a live performance. Just thanks goodness the he finished it professionally.