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Global superstars BTS recently released their highly-anticipated comeback 'Love Yourself: Tear". They performed their comeback single 'Fake Love' at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards while taking home their second consecutive win as 'Top Social Artist', beating out Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and etc.

Much like their first Billboard performance back in 2017, when they introduced K-Pop culture and dazzled the American audience, this year was no different and left both fans and viewers awestruck with their talents as performers.

But, of course, with great success, it is inevitable to face negativity from certain individuals as well who may be jealous or envious.

Back in 2017, the K-Pop idols received criticism for "lip-syncing" during their 2017 Billboard Music Awards performance. Naturally, ARMY didn't take it too well and it wasn't long before an enormous online battle ensued as a result.

However, in defense of the world's most influential K-Pop group that has ever existed up to date, a video has surfaced online showing what happens if you take out the music in the background, leaving only the members' voices. Take a look at it below and you'll soon find out that everything is almost flawless.


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