World-famous K-Pop artist PSY is known for throwing quite a show whenever he has his own concerts.

It usually involves a lot of energetic choreography and steamy and wet moments, literally. Which is why netizens have been divided on opinion about whether his performances objectify women.

Below are some short clips of the dance performance by female backup dancers.

These particular parts of the performance took place during a dance battle between the male and female backup dancers. Netizens described the part of the performance as "provocative".

However, the debate and argument at the moment revolves around the fact that male dancers also began to strip and dance in a similar manner as the female backup dancers, but no one was saying anything about it.

One female netizen stated that people scream and cheer when male dancers strip and dance in a sexy manner but react differently when female dancers do the same, calling it a case of sexism. She went on to say that people shouldn't have a problem with the female backup dancers' performance if no one had a problem with the male backup dancers' performance.

What is your thought on the current issue?

You can also check out the full performance below!

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