QUIZ: Are You a K-Pop Leader or Maknae?

If you were in a K-Pop group, which role would you best fit? The responsible leader or the mood maker maknae?

In every group there’s a leader and there’s a maknae. Both of the roles have a stereotypical job description to them. The leader is usually the one with the most age or experience. A leader is usually associated with someone who is strict, charismatic, and responsible for leading the group to success. The maknae is the youngest member who is usually associated to be cutesy, energetic, bright and the mood maker of the group.

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Take our fun K-Pop quiz to see which role you’d most likely take on if you were in a K-Pop group!


QUIZ: Which 2016 K-Pop Girl Group Hit Song are You?

2016’s been a fantastic year for some of the greatest hit songs by the K-Pop girl groups. Find out which hit song is your 2016 anthem!

To celebrate the final closing of 2016, we created a special quiz to see which 2016 girl group hit song you most resemble. From GFriend’s ‘Rough’ to BLACKPINK’s ‘WHISTLE’ and everything in between! Take our quiz to see which song you should be belting out as the clock ticks down to 2017.

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Which 2016 K-Pop girl group’s hit song are you?


QUIZ: BLACKPINK or I.O.I – Which K-Pop Girl Group Do You Belong in?

Are you more BLACKPINK or I.O.I? Find out where you belong in more through our K-Pop Quiz!

Two of the greatest K-Pop rookie girl groups just debuted this year, and the two can’t be anymore different. I.O.I debuted through an audition program hosted by Mnet, called “Produce 101”. The girls are bright, silly and one of the largest girl groups in K-Pop. BLACKPINK debuted with just 4 members who all trained for about 5 years before finally debuting as the next generation of 2NE1.

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Find out which K-Pop rookie girl group you’d fit in with more through this K-Pop quiz!