MONSTA X's ShowNu has been gaining more and more recognition on online communities, mentioning his body and lack of fear for example. More recently, ShowNu was the lead actor of a viral meme.

On this popular meme, he can be seen at a fan sign looking super excited when a fan mentioned she/he was going to eat lamb skewers for dinner.

On May 29, ShowNu was a guest on the TV show "Radio Star". The hosts had to mention this viral meme. The idol reacted the scene again, you can have a look at it below.

But that is not all, "Radio Star" compiled the expressions of ShowNu and compared them to his "lamb skewers meme". For joy, surprise, sadness, anger, satisfaction, longing, thrill, and depression, he stays expressionless. However, when it comes to lamb skewers, his expression completely changes and he becomes expressive.

"Radio Star" Says MONSTA X's ShowNu Is Expressionless Except For This


With his appearance on the show, ShowNu ranked first on real-time Naver search.

Are you a fan of the "lamb skewers meme"?


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May 30, 2019 05:47 pm

Shownu is so cute