K-Pop's 7 Year Curse strikes again as DSP Media announces the disbandment of Rainbow.

Just this morning, DSP announced that the 7 members of Rainbow have decided not to renew their contract with the label. According to official sources, the Rainbow members' exclusive contract with DSP Media will expire on November 12th.

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After a long discussion between the artists and the label, Kim JaeKyung, Go WooRi, Kim JiSook, NoEul, Oh SeungAh, Jung YoonHye and Jo HyungYoung have decided to each go their separate ways. Go WooRi plans on fully pursuing her acting career, while JaeKyung, JiSook, HyungYoung and others will probably go with hosting, acting and modeling paths. JiSook will be finishing off her special duo, "Love Fades" with Oh JongHyuk, and head her own way.

DSP Media closed off in their official statement with, "With hopes that the Rainbow members will continue to shine brightly wherever they go, DSP will continue to fully support the girls' future activities. We want to sincerely thank the fans who have unconditionally loved Rainbow over the 7 years, and ask for you to cheer on the girls' new start."

The label now says goodbye two of their signature groups, KARA and Rainbow, for the year of 2016

RAINBOW is the Next Girl Group to Disband from K-Pop's 7 Year Curse

DSP Media

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