The final 24 members of Boys 24 have been declared! Did your favorite bias make the lineup?

On Mnet's "Boys 24", 49 K-Pop idol hopefuls competed in a series of challenges to eventually debut as a member of the final boy group. Out of the 49 contestants, 24 members were selected to move on to the next phase, which will be a year long of concert venues. After the series of concerts, the most popular members will be selected to debut in the actual final group. None of the contestants are trainees of different labels, but are unsigned private idol-hopefuls. The final members will debut as a group under CJ E&M as a normal non-project group.

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The final 24 members of phase 1 of Boys 24's debut had been declared. Did your favorite Boys 24 member make the final lineup? Who passed and who got eliminated? Check out the final lineup of the Boys 24 members!

Ranking of Mnet's "Boys 24" Members: Final Lineup

Unit Yellow (MVP Group)

RoWoon (Leader), HongIn, JaeMin, JinSeok, SungHwan, ChangMin

Unit Sky

SangMin (Leader), Issac, WooJin, YongHyun, YongKwon, HwaYoung

Unit Green

InPyo (Leader), San, JiHyung, MinHwan, HoChul, ChanYi

Unit White

DoHa (Leader), HwaJun, JaeHyun, JiSeob, YoungDoo, InHo


Ranking of Mnet's "Boys 24" Members: Final Lineup


Ranking of Mnet's "Boys 24" Members: Final Lineup


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